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LED Backlit Signage & Halo Lit Signs in Valparaiso, Indiana

Make your business shine with a reverse channel letter sign in Valpo.

What is a Reverse Channel Letter Sign in Valpo?

A reverse channel letter sign (also called a halo lit sign) uses dimensional lettering and vibrant LEDs to display your company name. The lettering is installed on the wall with bright illumination behind it, creating a halo effect. This is where the name “halo lit sign” comes from. Overall, reverse channel letter signs make your business signage pop, demanding attention from anyone in the area.

Reverse channel letter signs in Valpo may also be called:

  • Halo lit signs
  • Halo lettering
  • LED backlit signage
  • Illuminated letter signs
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Our backlit signs can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Inside, halo lit signs create a professional and eye-catching display, while outdoors they draw the attention from potential clients in the area. Overall, reverse channel letter signs are bright, bold, and ideal to create the perfect display for any Valparaiso, Indiana, business.

How Can Halo Lit Signs Help Your Valparaiso Business?

When you receive a reverse channel letter sign from Legacy Sign Group, you will see many benefits. With the addition of backlit signage, your business will appear professional and see an increase in profits. Here are the benefits you will see with reverse channel letter signs in Valpo:

  1. Extend Your Reach & Visibility: With vibrant LED lighting, reverse channel letter signs make your company stand out day and night. The dimensional lettering makes your signage legible, while the LEDs allow your halo lit sign to be visible anytime of day. A backlit sign in Valpo ensures that people can see your business at any time.
  2. Create a Professional Image: Halo lit signs make your business appear well-established and professional. Through elegant business signage, you establish a sense of trustworthiness for your potential clients.
  3. Expand Your Profit Margins: As you increase your visibility and professionalism, you will see an increase in traffic to your business. Distinguished backlit signage will encourage people to buy from you, driving up your profits.

Make your Valparaiso business well-known with distinct illuminated letter signs! Our signs are expertly crafted to help your company outshine the competition. With gorgeous composition and skilled installation, your halo lit signs will bring in clients and drive your profits.

Exceptional LED Backlit Sign Installation

Our team at Legacy Sign Group can bring your business signage dreams into reality! Whether you want your business name, logo, or another design displayed at your Valparaiso location, we can make it happen. We have the skill and expertise to curate the greatest halo lit signs for your Valpo business.

In addition, our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to become skilled in the fabrication and installation of your backlit signage. Whether you want a reverse channel letter sign on the wall inside your business or displayed at the highest point of your building, we can make it happen! Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to handle your every halo lit sign need in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Let Legacy Sign Group Make Your Company Shine with Halo Lit Signs in Valpo

We will help you outshine all of your competition with expertly designed and installed halo lit signs in Valparaiso, Indiana. With illuminated letters and gorgeous displays, backlit signage in Valpo will draw in the attention of potential clients and encourage them to buy, boosting your profits. Contact Legacy Sign Group to begin designing your ideal reverse channel letter sign today!

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