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Theater Signs

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Theater Signs

Create eye-catching visuals for your theater with custom marquees, wayfinding signage, electronic message centers, and more. From movie theaters to live performance theatres, engaging signage directs your audience to your venue and guides your guests throughout the facility. Your new theatre signs will feature vibrant LEDs, customizable messages, and personalized designs to accent the individuality of your location. Invest in your business today – call Legacy Sign Group to start designing your custom theater signage.

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Traditional Theatre Signage with a Modern Touch

Theaters have long used showy signage and flashing lights to captivate their audience. Here at Legacy Sign Group, we offer many business sign styles to meet the growing needs of your theater. With the help of our designers, you can select marquee signs, electronic message boards, blade signs, wayfinding signs, vinyl decals, and more to attract visitors and direct them throughout your venue. Whether you have a corporate movie theater with a big screen or a local theatre with a stage, we have the memorable theater signs that you need to stand out in the crowd.

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Marquee Signs

Modern marquee signs are used by theaters across the world. These new signs utilize the timeless appearance of a traditional marquee, as well as the energy efficiency, ease of use, and responsive designs of current technology. Our marquee signs are customizable and can feature bright LEDs, electronic message boards, now showing cinema letter boards, illuminated displays, and more.

With a personalized marquee display, your theater becomes a noteworthy, unique venue. These theater signs are made to attract attention, bringing clients to your business. Whether you choose to advertise upcoming shows, create captivating light displays, promote events, or simply showcase your theater name, your marquee signs are guaranteed to draw attention.

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Electronic message boards

Electronic message centers are used to show images, videos, and messages for your venue. They can be installed in marquees, freestanding signs, monument signs, inside buildings, and more. In addition, they can be fully customized to meet your needs, whether you need a simple way to display upcoming shows, or you want to play engaging visual media content.

With our state-of-the-art technology, electronic sign displays are simple and safe to change day-to-day. In fact, most can be edited from anywhere using a mobile device. That means you can easily advertise and promote any upcoming show or event. These signs allow you to display your messages clearly, creating interesting and engaging content for your audience.

Wayfinding Signage

Another important type of theater signage is wayfinding signs. These signs are used to direct visitors throughout your facility, leading the way to seating areas, cinema rooms, concessions, restrooms, parking areas, and more. We offer many sign types to help you guide your customers, including projecting blade signs, freestanding signs, and wall signs. This way, your guests will feel right at home, having the confidence and comfort that comes with simple navigation.

In addition to making navigation simple, your directional signs can be personalized to highlight your venue. You can utilize your brand colors, display your logo, and choose any design that represents your business. These theatre signs can be simple or eye-catching, depending on your needs and preferences. Regardless of the style, they are guaranteed to make your guests feel welcome.

For Custom Sign Solutions, Call Legacy Sign Group

Let’s design your custom theater signs today. The Legacy Sign Group team is here to help you determine the best solution for the exterior and interior of your venue. Whether you have a small local theater or a vast nationwide business, we can help you create the ideal signage to meet your needs. Your theatre signs will boost your traffic, increase sales, and encourage repeat visitors.

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