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Electronic Message Centers

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Electronic Message Centers

A sign that uses computer-generated messages or some other means of changing the words. The current standard method of illumination used in this sign type are LED’s that offer many resolution options and the abilities to change messages remotely.

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Digital Sign Solutions for Your Business

Are you looking for a highly engaging, readily customizable sign that will pull customers to your business? Then we have the solution: An electronic (or digital) sign. Digital signs are the best way to communicate with your passing audience. An electronic sign can display a broad variety of messages to pass along any information to your prospective clients. With vibrant LEDs, your business sign will be eye-catching and attention-grabbing!

Not only are electronic signs useful in drawing attention to your business on their own, but digital signage components can be added to many other sign types as well. For example, you can add electronic message boards to a monument sign or a pylon sign. Then, your business name is elegantly displayed along the roadway, while you portray any other information through the digital sign. Electronic signs make your business sign perfectly tailored and easily adapted to meet your changing needs.

In addition, new technology allows your digital signage to be changed remotely. This means that you can change the LED sign display from anywhere, at any time! When you have a new sale, a great marketing idea, or another important message to display, you can instantaneously change your electronic sign display! Digital signs are an excellent addition to any business.

Grab the attention of anyone nearby with bright, easily customizable LED digital signage! You can add an electronic message board to many business signs. And, you can change the displays from remote locations! Contact Legacy Sign Group now to start the addition of your electronic business sign.