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Lafayette Blade Signs

Alluring Blade Signs in Lafayette, Indiana

Pull visitors into your business with customized projecting signs in Lafayette, IN.

What is a Blade Sign?

Blade signs in Lafayette (also known as projecting signs) are seen on the exterior walls of buildings. They stand perpendicular to the wall, displaying their face to the passing traffic. This means that the people passing through can easily see your business, boosting visibility and encouraging visitors.

In addition, a projecting sign can be used indoors as wayfinding signage, guiding your guests throughout your facility. These signs may feature arrows and location names, helping people navigate to their destinations.

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A blade sign can be individually crafted for any business because it is highly versatile and customizable. From unique shapes and designs to illumination options and various materials, a projecting sign can be created to exactly match and complement your business. Then, your sign will attract clients and drive up your profits!
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What Locations Utilize Projecting Signs in Lafayette?

Many different companies use blade signs in Lafayette, Indiana. From the most elegant restaurants to the largest event centers, projecting signs can benefit any business.

Below is a list of places you may find blade signs in Lafayette:

  • Downtown shops & businesses
  • Strip malls & shopping centers
  • Event venues
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Business offices

Generally, you will see a blade sign on the exterior wall of a business near heavy foot traffic. No matter the type of company, projecting signs in Lafayette are highly useful in drumming up business. They create a clear indication of where to find your business and what you can provide.

How Will Blade Signs in Lafayette Boost Your Business?

This style of sign is truly unique and effective. Because of their design, they stand out, clearly visible to anyone in the area. In addition, they are highly customizable and offer many benefits to every company. Here are some of the advantages of blade signs in Lafayette:

1. Expand Visibility for Your Business

By standing away from the wall and displaying the sign face to the passing traffic, your visibility greatly increases. Potential clients can see your location without even looking away from their direction of travel. This means that your business will be more visible and encourage more traffic!

2. Increase Traffic to Your Location

With improved visibility, more people will see and understand your business. This will encourage them to stop in and see what you have to offer. When potential customers can see you, they are more likely to stop in and make a purchase.

3. Bring in More Sales

When you boost visibility for your business and encourage more traffic, you will see improvements in your sales. As more people stop in, more will make a purchase. This directly leads to higher profits margins.

If you are ready to see an improvement in your profits, then explore our business signage options. From electronic message centers and pylon signs to blade signs and skyscraper signage, we have your solutions. Call Legacy Sign Group to get started designing today!

Industry-Leading Blade Signage Design & Installation

At Legacy Sign Group, we take pride in our team. Each member has the skill and expertise to guide you through the signage process. We will start by working with you to create your dream business signage, then we will fabricate your blade signs in Lafayette with the industry’s best materials.

After your sign is built, our installation team will get to work. We have years of experience and knowledge, allowing us to install your projecting signs with ease. In addition, we handle all of the necessary permitting so that you never have to worry about the signage process.

With our team, you will always receive the highest standard of service coupled with the best sign design, fabrication, and installation. We uphold our team to the strictest standards, ensuring your new sign will be gorgeous and effective. Reach out to Legacy Sign Group today to begin designing your projecting signs in Lafayette, IN.
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