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Tower above the competition with distinguished high rise signage in Lafayette, IN.

What is a High Rise Building Sign for Lafayette Businesses?

A high rise sign can be seen towering far above the surrounding buildings, broadcasting your company name to anyone in the area. High rise signs, or skyscraper signs, sit atop the tallest buildings. In addition, they are highly visible and legible, making them an exceptional advertisement for Lafayette businesses.

Usually, skyscraper signs are mounted at the uppermost section of a building on the exterior wall. Sometimes, companies opt for a rooftop sign, which is similar in purpose to a high rise sign. However, rooftop signs are fixed to the actual roof structure, whereas high rise signage in Lafayette is attached to the wall. Both rooftop signs and skyscraper signs display your business name high above the city, drawing in clients from near and far.

High Rise Signs; high rise signage in lafayette

Besides their exceptional height, high rise signs in Lafayette are also designed to be very visible. Made with channel lettering, these signs have dimension and illumination. These factors make the business signage stand out from the building so that it is more readable from a distance. Also, the illumination allows your building sign to be visible day and night.

Overall, skyscraper signs in Lafayette allow your company to be seen high above the surrounding structures. When you have earned ownership of one of the tallest buildings, you have also earned your right to an exceptional high rise sign. Legacy Sign Group is your leading sign company, and we will display your name where anyone in Lafayette can see it. Contact us today!

High Rise Signs Take Your Company to the Greatest Heights

Your business will stand out from the competition with distinguished high rise signage in Lafayette, IN. The name of your company will tower over the nearby buildings, making sure everyone knows where you are. Below are many benefits of skyscraper signs in Lafayette.

  1. Boost Your Visibility
    Because high rise signs stand tall above the surrounding infrastructure, they are incredibly visible to anyone in the area. In addition, our building signs are designed with channel lettering, which combines dimensional letters with background illumination. This ensures that your company is visible to any person, day or night.
  2. Achieve a Farther Reach
    With a highly visible sign for your building, you will reach farther audiences. Many sign types are effective in marketing to nearby consumers, but high rise signage in Lafayette allows you to advertise to anyone near or far.
  3. Increase Your Brand Awareness
    Due to the increased readability from both near and far, high rise signage allows you to expand your brand awareness in Lafayette. Brand awareness creates familiarity with your company, and familiarity persuades consumers to buy your services or products. Brand awareness is vital to modern companies, and a high rise sign can help boost yours.
  4. Maintain a Professional Appearance
    Besides expanding your reach and brand awareness, skyscraper signs in Lafayette help you to appear more professional. People will know that you have earned your position, and this comes with respect and admiration. High rise signs create a sense of professionalism and familiarity for your business.
  5. Expand Your Profit Margin
    With all of the above factors – visibility, brand awareness, and professionalism – high rise signs in Lafayette will boost revenue for your business. When people can see your company, they become more aware and familiar with it. Then, they are more likely to make a purchase. This causes an increase in sales, which leads to an increase in revenue. High rise signage in Lafayette builds the foundation for a higher profit margin for your business.

In summary, a high rise building sign in Lafayette acts as a remarkable billboard for your company. Displaying your company atop the largest building establishes a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, and respect. High rise signage encourages nearby consumers to turn to your company for services and products. When you have earned your way into the tallest buildings of Lafayette, let Legacy Sign Group handle the rest! We will design and install exceptional high rise signs for your building.

Professional High Rise Building Sign Installation

Your hard work and dedication has earned your place in one of the tallest buildings in Lafayette, IN. We will take it from here. When you turn to Legacy Sign Group, we will handle every step of the process for you. First, we will have a consultation to determine your business signage needs. Then, we will design and fabricate the perfect building sign for your company. Next, we will acquire the necessary permits and move to the installation process for your high rise sign in Lafayette.

Skyscraper sign installation brings many unique challenges and considerations. To best perform the installations, you need specialized equipment and expertise. At Legacy Sign Group, we have the experienced personnel and technology to install any building sign. With every installation, we make safety our highest priority. In addition, we are committed to excellence in every project. You can rest assured that you are receiving the best business sign installation with our team on your side.

With many high rise signs in Lafayette, the best way to install them is with helicopter lift procedures. Here at Legacy Sign Group, our team has the skill and capabilities to use aerial logistics when installing your building sign. We also understand the permitting requirements and necessary safety protocols so that the installation is safe and highly effective.

Our team has years of experience and extensive training in high rise building sign installation. We are your top choice for sign design and installation in Lafayette, Indiana. Contact Legacy Sign Group for exceptional high rise building sign design, installation, and maintenance in Lafayette.

Legacy Sign Group Always Rises to the Occasion

Expand the visibility of your business with a distinctive high rise building sign in Lafayette. We provide extraordinary design, skilled installation, and professional aerial logistics for every skyscraper sign we make. Our signs will make your business more visible, increase your brand awareness, and grow your professional appearance. Contact Legacy Sign Group today for the best business high rise signage in Lafayette, IN!

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