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Engage Your Audience with Custom Theater Signs in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you searching for ways to increase traffic to your local performance hall, cinema, or theater? Legacy Sign Group has your solution! We offer the highest quality, most effective theater signs in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our crew excels in the design, building, and installation of your new marquees, electronic message boards, wall signs, illuminated signage, and more sign styles.

Start by reaching out to our team, either online or on the phone. Then, we can schedule your consultation and estimate appointment for your theatre signs in Indy. We listen closely to your needs and find the best solution for your venue, creating exceptional signs to display both inside and out. No matter your needs, we’re here to find the best solution.

It’s time to boost your traffic and profits with custom Indianapolis theater signs! Contact Legacy Sign Group today to schedule your consultation with our sign experts.

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Creating Sign Solutions for Every Indy Theatre

Here at Legacy Sign Group, we specialize in custom signage solutions for every client. We work alongside you to create a comprehensive plan that addresses your every need. If you’re looking for indoor or outdoor signs, LED illuminated signs or non-illuminated signs, pylon signs or walls signs, or any other style, we are here to build your custom business signage. The Legacy Sign Group team is here to help you reach your goals with exceptional theater signs in Indianapolis.

Learn more about the options for theatre signage here:

Each sign style has its own unique benefits. Marquees, electronic message centers, and pylon signs provide a simple way to advertise and draw traffic to your location. Then, wayfinding signage and projecting signs direct guests to and throughout your facility. Wall signs and vinyl decals provide a customizable way to create interesting visuals for your business. No matter your needs, the Legacy Sign Group team is here to find the best solution for your theatre signs in Indianapolis.

New Theatre Signs in Indianapolis Boost Your Business

Marquees are known as the iconic theater signs that withstand the test of time. And, while these signs are breath-taking and exciting, theatre signs do more than create an interesting visual for your venue. Instead, Indianapolis theater signs promote brand awareness, higher traffic volumes, and greater profits for your business. Look through the benefits of your new theater signs in Indy below, then reach out to start building your new signage.

Simple Advertising Solutions

When you opt for marquees, now showing signs, electronic message centers, and other display boards, you have a simple and effective tool to market for your business. You can advertise upcoming movies, plays, shows, events, and deals.

Improved Brand Awareness

With your distinct theatre signs in Indy, you boost brand awareness for your business. Interesting displays captivate your audience and create a memorable impression for your company. Then, people become more familiar with your brand and are more likely to return to your business.

Reaching Greater Audiences

When you install new theater signs in Indianapolis, you can reach a greater audience. Marquees, pylon signs, and electronic displays allow you to target a large crowd and draw traffic into your business.

Easy Navigations

With the use of freestanding signs, directional signage, and blade signs, you can help visitors find your business and easily navigate your facility. This makes guests feel more comfortable and willing to visit again in the future.

Higher Profits

Because your theater signs in Indianapolis provide an advertising solution, boost your brand awareness, draw in a crowd, and offer easy navigation, you will see an increase in profits. Theatre signs are a surefire way to bolster your revenue.

Your theater should be displayed proudly, ready for everyone to see! From elegant marquees to useful directional signage, we’re here to help you build the signage solutions that you need in your theatre. When you’re ready to boost traffic and profits, call Legacy Sign Group to design your custom theater signs in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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It’s time to bring in the traffic that your Indy theater deserves! Legacy Sign Group is here to increase your visibility, creating eye-catching displays, provide simple navigation, and install effective advertising solutions for your business. You can select from marquees, electronic message centers, illuminated signs, wayfinding signage, and more to meet every need of your local theatre. Let’s build your custom signage today.

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