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Dimensional Letters

dimensional letters forming business sign

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are cut from multiple different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic or others, making it possible to create many custom signage styles... Letters can also be fabricated using welded or soldering techniques. These types of letters are typically stud mounted to a surface either flush mounted or with standoffs.

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High-Quality Dimensional Letter Signs & Channel Letter Signs

Make your business pop with eye-catching dimensional letter signage. Our dimensional signs create a vibrant display either inside or outside of your business. By installing a dimensional letter sign, you can advertise your business to anyone in the area.

Our dimensional letter signs are made from acrylic, stainless steel, or aluminum. The letters are raised from the surface of the wall to make them highly visible. In addition, they are either mounted directly on the wall or placed on studs to protrude them farther from the wall. Whichever mounting method works best for you, your dimensional letter sign will stand out in the crowd!

Dimensional letter signs work well to present the name of your company outside of your building. In addition, they can be used inside to form distinct visual displays or informational pieces. These signs can be used to highlight individual businesses in a complex, identify specific areas (such as offices, restrooms, etc.) in a building, or designate an individual company. Dimensional signs are versatile and can be tailored to fit most any purpose!

Similarly, channel letter signs use 3D letters to form the words of your business signage. However, these differ from dimensional letter signs because they contain channels behind the lettering that allow for illumination. Channel letter signs are a great way to make your business visible outside, both day and night.

Legacy Sign Group has the dimensional letter signage solutions for your business! We have the highest quality dimensional signs and channel letter signs that will boost the appeal of your business location. When you are ready for everyone to see your business, contact Legacy Sign Group for exceptional dimensional letter signs!