The Legacy Team

Shaun O’Brien

Shaun O’Brien grew up in the sign business. Shaun started his career in sign installation at the age of sixteen and continued in installation and fabrication for ten years. While working, he received a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. In 2000, he started a new position in estimating and purchasing. Staying in this position for two years, he learned the numbers side of the business and also became proficient in Adobe Illustrator. In 2002, Shaun became a full-time sales associate where he has remained. He became very successful in this position, quickly setting sales records and establishing an extensive list of customers throughout the country. He has worked with clients in all industries and is comfortable working on projects of any size. He has handled many multi-location rebrands as well as clients with multiple locations. Shaun is an expert in defining his clients’ needs and engineering ways to accomplish their goals.

Shaun enjoys boating, spending time with his family, and watching his children play sports.

Shaun Ensign

Shaun Ensign — co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. With over fifteen years of signage industry experience, holding many job titles, he is responsible for the day to day operations of the organization. Working alongside recognized brands, Shaun harnesses creativity, experience, and passion to ensure clients bring their signage ideas to life. Having handled every function of major rebranding campaigns of over seven-hundred locations, he has the knowledge and focus to provide complete sign solutions to each and every project.

A lifelong resident of Valparaiso, Indiana, he enjoys traveling, playing games with his family, and watching his beloved Chicago Cubs.

Ben Johansen

He has been working with our team since 2016. His daily functions are to assist with project communication, logistics, coordination, scheduling, project tasks and getting the information where it needs to go. Ben is a driven, motivated individual whom puts forth the extra efforts needed to ensure a project is completed on time, communicated effectively and followed through.

Ben is a student of music, an avid podcast listener, and fitness zealot. He is currently working on getting his degree in Business Administration at Purdue Northwest.