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Top-Tier Wayfinding Signs in Schaumburg, Illinois

When people feel comfortable and confident in your business, they are more likely to return. By installing uniquely crafted wayfinding signs in Schaumburg, you can build this sense of security and encourage your visitors to become repeat clients. These directional signs lead the way around your facility, helping patrons find each and every destination they may be searching for. Contact Legacy Sign Group today to begin building your customized signage so that you can keep your customers coming back!

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What is a Wayfinding Sign for Businesses?

In short, wayfinding signs indicate different areas of your facility, showing visitors where to turn. They use location names, arrows, and other necessary information to guide your guests. For many locations, these signs lead to offices, bathrooms, exits, and more.

Your wayfinding signs in Schaumburg can be fixed to a pole, attached to the ceiling, or fastened to the wall. Also, they are entirely customizable and can include unique color schemes, logos, business names, and more. They can help clients find any area of your building, from ticket counters to parking lots.

Most locations employ directional signage to guide the way to:

  • Restrooms
  • Emergency exits
  • Cafeterias & restaurants
  • Important offices
  • Ticket counters
  • Stairways & elevators
  • Event rooms
  • Parking areas

Whichever areas you need to point to, directional signs are here to help. Because they are incredibly versatile, these business signs can be used by any company at any location. We’re ready to help you uncover how wayfinding signs can best help your business, so give Legacy Sign Group a call today!

What Schaumburg Businesses Use Directional Signage?

Schaumburg is bustling with businesses that use directional signs to guide their patrons. From Woodfield Mall to Wintrust Field, wayfinding signs in Schaumburg are vital so that visitors can find their way around each public venue. These signs are truly customizable for any facility, both indoors and outdoors. Wherever you want to direct visitors, directional signage is there to help.

Most public buildings in Schaumburg use directional signs to help customers navigate their facility. Here are some places that you are likely to find wayfinding signage:

  • Office suites
  • Government buildings
  • Transportation hubs & airports
  • Retail centers & shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Medical clinics
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Event centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Housing buildings

With such a broad range of functionality, directional signs can be used in all types of venues, guiding the way throughout your location. These signs will help your clients find exactly what they need, instilling confidence and encouraging your visitors to come again. There are ample benefits when you choose wayfinding signage by Legacy Sign Group.

Multiple Benefits of Effective Wayfinding Signs in Schaumburg, IL

There are various styles of business signage solutions. From towering pylon signs and skyscraper signs to brightly illuminated electronic message centers, there is a sign for every purpose. With wayfinding signs, you can both elevate your brand while also giving customers a sense of confidence and comfort. Here are some of the many benefits of directional signs:

1. Boost the Visitor Experience

No one wants to feel lost when they are visiting a new place. With directional signage, you can guide your visitors around your facility, helping them easily navigate their surroundings. You will effectively decrease frustrations and improve satisfaction. This allows your clients to relax and feel confident, which encourages them to visit your business!

2. Invite Clients to Return

By creating a sense of confidence, you invite new clients to check out your business while also making the existing clients want to come back. Wayfinding signs in Schaumburg promote traffic to your business and increase your sales.

3. Meet All Code Requirements

By law, public buildings are required to mark certain areas of their location, such as the emergency exits. Using directional signs, you can point guests in the right direction so that they stay safe and your business stays compliant.

4. Improve Brand Awareness

With the customizable features of our wayfinding signs, you can display your company name or logo at each directional sign. This ensures people will see your business and become more familiar with you. Additionally, these signs improve your professional image. An increase in brand awareness equates to an increase in profits.

5. Expand Profits & Return on Investment

By making your visitors comfortable and confident while improving your brand recognition, you are guaranteed to see an increase in profits. While many people are hesitant to buy signage because of the costs, you will be pleasantly surprised with your return on investment!

Take a step in the right direction today by calling Legacy Sign Group for your customized wayfinding signs in Schaumburg, Illinois. These signs improve the image of your company while making guests feel relaxed and pleased at your location. We look forward to helping your business grow!

Wayfinding Signs in Schaumburg: Your Solution for Directional Signage

Every business – from the smallest offices to the largest hospitals – benefits from directional signage that guides visitors throughout the facility. These signs help people find exactly what they are looking for, leaving them content and satisfied with their trip. Because of this, direction signs attract clients to your business and increase your profits.

Additionally, directional signage is highly customizable. You can choose the specific locations, names, logos, colors, and more for your signs.  We also offer a variety of signage styles, including projecting signs, wall signs, and more. This versatility allows your wayfinding signs to be unique to your business and act as a marketing tactic as well.

Legacy Sign Group is your go-to professional for every business sign solution! We have spent years perfecting the trade, and we have the expert team that will design, build, and install your directional signs with ease. Call our team today to fabricate your custom wayfinding signs in Schaumburg, Illinois. Let us be your guide!

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