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Indianapolis Blade Signs

Custom Projecting Blade Signs in Indianapolis, IN

Attract clients to your business with effective projecting signs in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What are Blade Signs in Indy?

You will often see blade signs (or projecting signs) in Indianapolis mounted to the exterior wall of buildings, especially downtown. These signs are generally mounted perpendicular to the wall and the passing traffic, making the sign face incredibly visible.

Projecting signs can also be found indoors and used as wayfinding signs. By using arrows and location names, you can guide guests around your facility and make them feel confident while visiting your venue.

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Additionally, blade signs in Indianapolis are incredibly versatile, so they can be made to suit any business. With unique shapes, designs, colors, illumination, and material types, you can create any sign to complement your business. Then, you will see improvements to your visibility, traffic, and profits. Call Legacy Sign Group today for more information on projecting signs in Indy.

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What Locations Use Projecting Signs in Indianapolis?

While walking through downtown Indianapolis, you will see that many businesses use projecting signs. From restaurants and theaters to shops and offices, every company can benefit from this sign type.

Here are some businesses that you may see using blade signs in Indianapolis:

  • Downtown storefronts
  • Strip malls & large shopping centers
  • Event centers
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Professional offices & business complexes
Generally, blade signs in Indy are used by companies that have heavy foot traffic outside. They stand away from the wall, making your business clearly visible to anyone passing through. Overall, any type of business can see the benefits of projecting signs.

How Can Your Blade Sign Help Your Business Grow?

Because of their unique style, blade signs truly stand out. They grab the attention of anyone passing through, drawing them to your business and encouraging purchases. These signs are highly customizable and will be uniquely crafted to suit your company. Here are some of the advantages you will see:

1. Improvements in Visibility

Because your blade sign will sit perpendicular to the building, it will be clearly visible to anyone passing through. This means your business becomes more visible, and people don’t have to look away from their direction of travel to find you.

2. Increases in Traffic

With improvements in visibility comes an increase in traffic to your business. When more potential clients can see and find you, more people are likely to stop in. This means your business will see more traffic.

3. Higher Sales Volume

By improving traffic flow into your business, you will also see a boost in profits. When more people are stopping in, more people are making a purchase. This will lead to increases in sales, which will boost your bottom line.

Ready to see greater profits and expand your business? Call Legacy Sign Group today to get started designing, building, and installation your blade signs in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Skilled & Dependable Blade Signage Design & Installation

Our team will make your signage process simple. We are skilled and experienced in every step so that we can provide the most comprehensive service for you. To begin, we will work alongside you to design your ideal projecting sign. Then, we will expertly craft it from the most durable, dependable materials.

With your new blade sign in hand, we will obtain the necessary permits and begin installation. Our installation crew is highly skilled, ready to install every sign, from the tallest high rise signage to the most elegant monument signs. We do it all!

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Our commitment to excellence shines through in every project. From the initial design phase and fabrication to the installation and later maintenance, we handle it with ease and professionalism. You will always have the best when you choose Legacy Sign Group. Give us a call today to get started!

Call Legacy Sign Group to Get Your Blade Signs in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you ready to bring your business to the top? Then, don’t wait another day! Our projecting signs will increase your visibility so that you can boost traffic and expand your profit margin. For expert sign design, fabrication, and installation, call on Legacy Sign Group. Your blade signs in Indianapolis are waiting!

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