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Milwaukee Blade Signs

Engage Your Audience with Captivating Blade Signs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blade signs (also known as projecting signs) are typically mounted to an exterior building wall. These signs run perpendicular to foot traffic, creating a clearly visible display for your business. Additionally, they are highly customizable to allow you to create the perfect display for your business, with personalized designs, lettering, logos, shapes, and more.

Blade signs in Milwaukee can be illuminated, non-illuminated, dimensional, and styled perfectly for your company. No matter your unique needs and preferences, Legacy Sign Group is here to design, build, and install your projecting signs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will integrate your business colors, logo, name, slogans, and more to create the ideal display for your venue.

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Custom Signage Solutions For All Businesses

Because projecting signs are so versatile, they can complement any company. They can be used by shops, restaurants, offices, medical centers, and more. Each display can be customized to accommodate the needs of your facility and draw foot traffic into your business.

Many businesses throughout Milwaukee rely on blade signs to capture the attention of those passing by. Here are some of the common places that you will see projecting signs in Milwaukee:

Legacy Sign Group is here to help you find the best sign solutions for your business. From outdoor blade signs in Milwaukee to indoor wayfinding signage, we have everything you need to customize your space and guide visitors to your location. Call our team today to book a consultation for your new business signage.

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Explore the Benefits of Your New Blade Signs

Milwaukee blade signs do more than just denote your business. Instead, they create a clear and captivating advertisement for your location. Because of their customizable features, unique designs, and standout appearance, these signs are eye-catching and draw traffic to your business. Here are many of the advantages of your blade signs in Milwaukee:

Custom Solutions

Your blade signs in Milwaukee will be designed specifically for your business. With your company name, logo, slogan, and more, you can proudly display your business to all foot traffic.

Increased Visibility

Blade signs stand out from the wall, creating a clear visual of your business. With these signs, you can capture attention and draw traffic to your location.

Better Brand Awareness

As people walk down the sidewalk, they can see your projecting sign in Milwaukee. This increases familiarity and boosts brand awareness for your business.

Higher Traffic

With the increase in visibility and brand awareness, you can look forward to more traffic to your business. You’re more likely to see frequent visitors and repeat clients.

More Sales

Along with the higher traffic volume comes a higher profit. As more people visit your location, you will see an increase in your sales.

Your new custom blade signs are sure to draw traffic into your business, boost your brand awareness, and bolster profits for your company. Let’s start designing your custom signs today so that you can see the advantages tomorrow. Call Legacy Sign Group with any questions about your projecting signs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Let’s put your business on display for everyone passing through. With a customized projecting sign in Milwaukee, you are guaranteed to bolster your visibility, brand awareness, traffic, and profits. So, why wait? Legacy Sign Group is ready to design, build, and install your new business signage today.

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