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Sign Design

Whether you are planning a rebrand or simply in need of new custom business signs, Legacy Sign Group will design a personalized solution for your company. Our sign designers are adept in creating customized solutions for wayfinding signage, walls signs, electronic message centers, and freestanding signs. Legacy Sign Group is a sign company that specializes in the design and implementation of corporate branding, healthcare signage, theater marquees, and more. Let’s organize a consultation so that we can start your professional sign designing services.


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Build Your Brand with Tailored Sign Design Services

Visitors rely on clear signage to locate and navigate your facilities. In order for customers to find your business, you need distinct signs. Whether you choose vibrant electronic message centers or timeless wayfinding signs, you can create a definitive pathway to your business.

Outdoors, you often find towering pylon signs or welcoming monument signs that allow guests to easily find your location. Then, you’ll see wayfinding signs that guide visitors to the parking areas, entrances, specific offices, event areas, and more.

Indoors, you may see additional message boards, wall signs, and more wayfinding signage. All-in-all, modern businesses utilize many sign styles to improve the comfort of visitors so that they are more likely to make a purchase and visit again.

When you are designing your custom business signs, you need an expert design team on your side. This allows you to personalize your signage while also implementing the most effective and attractive designs. At Legacy Sign Group, our skilled sign design team is ready to help you boost your business with top-tier indoor and outdoor business signage. Let’s get started today!

Custom Business Signs for Any Company

We have the expertise to help any company design their custom business signs. From hospitals to universities, every location has unique considerations and requirements. Our team is well-versed in the diverse range of sign options and effective implementation procedures.

We offer sign designs for:

  • Universities
  • Sports complexes
  • Theaters & performance halls
  • Hospitals & medical facilities
  • Corporate branding & rebranding processes

Whether you are starting from scratch or planning to rebrand, Legacy Sign Group is here to help. With your individual needs and preferences in mind, we will design perfectly tailored signage plans for your business. Get in touch today to begin your sign designs.

Our Sign Design Process

At Legacy Sign Group, we believe in finding a customized solution for every business. Whether outdoor blade signs or indoor branding options, we will help you build the exact style and design that you’re searching for.

We offer a comprehensive sign design package. With this, we will schedule a consultation to understand exactly what you’re looking for. From flush wall signs to projecting wayfinding signage, we can build a tailored plan that is unique to your business. After our design process, you will have access to your brand new signage designs.

Then, we also offer fabrication and installation services. Whether you opt to have our team install your signage or not, our sign design plans will leave you with custom business signs that are sure to get results. Contact us today to begin designing your business signage.

Let’s Get Started Creating Your Custom Business Signs Today

Legacy Sign Group is here to help your company reach success. We offer a variety of sign styles and variations, allowing you to have a completely custom business sign plan. When you choose our team, you can opt for only sign design services, or you can receive a complete package that includes design, fabrication, and installation. Whichever you choose, we are here to support you with our skill and expertise through every step of the process.

Boost your business today! Contact Legacy Sign Group for premium sign design services and to build your custom business signs. We look forward to helping you grow your brand.