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Electronic Message Centers in Chicago, Illinois

Today, many business owners are moving toward having electronic display signs for their businesses. These signs allow for highly customizable, easily edited messages to be broadcasted for the public to see. They range in style from simple, monochrome lettering to vivid image and video displays. As an incredibly versatile business signage solution, electronic message centers in Chicago are the solution you need to make your business visible and drive customers to your location.

Electronic Display Signs for All Locations

For any business in Chicago, electronic signs can be an excellent addition to your facility. These signs can be mounted along with monument signs, pylon signs, or on their own attached to a building. They serve many functions, from displaying announcements to advertising upcoming sales. Because of their adaptability, electronic message centers can be used effectively by any type of business.

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Some of the most common locations to find electronic message centers in Chicago include:
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctor offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Casinos
  • Theaters
  • Sports arenas
  • Event venues
  • Government centers
  • Churches

Electronic signs in Chicago can be tailored to suit any business. Their style, display screen, and message can be adapted to perfectly fit any company. Whether you have a small, local business or a large corporation, an electronic message center from Legacy Sign Group will draw attention from potential customers and drive sales for your company.

Display Any Message on an Electronic Message Center in Chicago

Versatility and ease of use are some of the biggest appeals to a digital sign for businesses throughout Chicago. Businesses of all types and sizes can simply display a variety of messages on an electronic message center. Not only are they highly customizable, but the messages are much simpler to change than traditional signs. No ladders are required! Instead, you can change the display from a computer or phone.

Here are a few ways that people use electronic display signs in Chicago:

  • Featured sales & deals
  • Menu specials
  • Upcoming events
  • Time & temperature
  • Important announcements
  • Videos & photos

Any message you wish to convey, an electronic message center is the solution for your business. Our team at Legacy Sign Group will work with you to design the best electronic sign for your company. Then, our professional team will fabricate and install it with ease. Contact us to determine how an electronic display sign in Chicago will work for you!

Digital Signs for Businesses are Engaging & Effective

Besides being highly versatile, the benefits of electronic display signs are truly numerous! From creating a vibrant display to providing infinitely many signage options, a digital sign for your business will be highly effective. Explore the benefits of digital signs for businesses in Chicago below.

  1. Innumerable Options
    Because electronic signs allow you to easily edit the display message, the possibilities are endless. The message can be changed daily, weekly, monthly, or with whatever frequency suits your needs. This means that your options are limitless with an electronic message center in Chicago.
  2. Change the Display Anywhere, at Anytime
    Not only can you change the display to anything you prefer, the process to change it is also simple and accessible. The electronic sign can be changed using any device with internet, from any location, and at any time. You never have to worry about climbing a ladder or losing the letters that you need for your business signage when you have an electronic display sign installed.
  3. Improved Visibility & Readability
    At Legacy Sign Group, we use the highest quality materials to fabricate your signs. This means we will use vibrant, dependable LEDs to create your electronic message board. With exceptional design and bright displays, your electronic sign in Chicago will be highly visible and easy to read, both near and far!
  4. Highly Engaging Messages, Images, & Videos
    Electronic message centers allow you to showcase any message, video, or photo that you want the public to see. This allows you to truly engage with your audience and connect in ways that other sign solutions cannot.
  5. Draw in a Crowd
    Because of the endless possibilities, vibrant displays, and engaging content, your digital business sign will draw the attention of anyone passing through. This will attract customers to your business and drive profits for your company.

Overall, an electronic sign in Chicago brings ample benefits to your business. You will be visible and engage your audience with captivating messages, videos, and photos. Contact Legacy Sign Group today to begin the design for your electronic message center in Chicago, Illinois.

Get Your Electronic Message Center in Chicago Today!

Electronic signs in Chicago are suitable for any business. From local restaurants to large event venues, an electronic message center allows you to display any message to people passing by. Electronic display signs can showcase sales, deals, menu items, announcements, and anything else you wish to convey. This versatility creates a sign that is highly customizable, legible, engaging, and profitable.

Contact Legacy Sign Group today to get started with the design, fabrication, and installation of your electronic message center in Chicago, IL.

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