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Milwaukee Monument Signs

Stand Out in the Crown a Pylon & Monument Sign in Milwaukee, WI

When you’re looking for a simple way to advertise your business, there’s no better option than elegant freestanding signs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With the addition of a monument sign or pylon sign, your company will stand out from the rest and encourage visitors to stop in and make a purchase. As people walk or drive by, they will see your monument sign in Milwaukee and become familiar with your business, boosting brand awareness and attracting paying customers.

At Legacy Sign Group, we specialize in the custom design, building, and installation of your new monument and pylon sign in Milwaukee. And, while these are outdoor business signs, we also offer a variety of indoor signs to further improve your guest experience once they come to visit. From vinyl graphics to directional signs, we offer everything you need to create eye-catching visuals for your business.

Let’s make your business stand out! Contact Legacy Sign Group today to start planning your Milwaukee pylon signs, monument signs, and more.

Freestanding Signs Direct Customers to Your Location

Both monument and pylon signs belong to a wider category known as freestanding signs. Freestanding signs are secured in the ground, unattached from your building. These signs are anchored by poles, pylons, or bases that sit directly on the ground. Here are some types of freestanding signs:

Typically, businesses opt for either a monument sign or pylon sign in Milwaukee to showcase their location. These signs are custom-made to suit your company and location, creating attention-grabbing visuals that attract new clients. Learn more about these freestanding signs below, then contact Legacy Sign Group to start designing yours.

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What is a Monument Sign in Milwaukee?

Monument signs are standalone signs that typically sit along the road, acting as a gateway point into your parking lot. They can also be displayed anywhere near your business, directing people to your location and helping them find their way.

These signs can be customized to include unique styles, electronic message boards, illuminated letters, and more. No matter your unique needs, your monument sign in Milwaukee will be custom-built just for your business.

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What is a Milwaukee Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are sometimes referred to as “pole signs”. These customized signs sit atop tall poles (or pylons) that allow your business to be proudly displayed to anyone in the surrounding area. 

These freestanding signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated. They can also feature digital sign displays that can be easily changed to accommodate your business needs. Each pylon sign in Milwaukee is individually crafted to suit your company.

Pylon Signs & Monument Signs Boost Your Profits

When you install freestanding signs for your business, you can look forward to many advantages. New pylon signs and monument signs act as outdoor wayfinding signage to direct clients straight to your business. They can be situated along the road, outside of your building, at the entrance to your parking lot, and more to create a clear pathway right to your location.

Explore the benefits of your pylon and monument sign in Milwaukee below.

Make Your Presence Well-Known

When you install new freestanding signs, you guide visitors to your business. These signs clearly establish your location and help newcomers find you without difficulty. In addition, monument and pylon signs advertise your business to those who may not yet know about you.

Reach Greater Audiences

With pylon signs, your business signage stands high above surrounding structures. With monument signs, you can advertise your business along the road. Both of these freestanding signs allow you to reach a broader audience and encourage new visitors to stop by your location.

Pull in Traffic

Because people can clearly locate your business and see your company name advertised above nearby structures or along the roadside, you pull traffic into your location. This encourages sales from new and existing clients and boosts your profits.

Are you ready to boost your brand awareness? You can easily reach a wider audience by installing a monument sign or pylon sign in Milwaukee. Either style can be customized to match your business and direct visitors to your location. Then, you can look forward to higher profits! Let’s get started. Call Legacy Sign Group now to start designing your freestanding signs.

Ready to Design Your Custom Monument or Pylon Sign in Milwaukee? Call Legacy Sign Group!

It’s time that your business stands out from the rest! With a pylon sign in Milwaukee, your company will tower over the nearby competition and direct consumers to your location. With a monument sign in Milwaukee, you can proudly display your business name at the entrance to your parking lot, alongside the road, and by your building. Each of these signs come with a variety of advantages, from encouraging new visitors to boosting your profits. So, why wait?

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