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Attract waves of clients to your business with gorgeous freestanding signs in Crown Point, IN.

A Variety of Freestanding Business Signs for Crown Point

When you are trying to advertise your company to local clients, there’s no better way than attention-grabbing business signage. Whether you are looking to bring in traffic from Main St., I-65, US-231, or another area of Crown Point, we have the perfect freestanding sign for you. At Legacy Sign Group, we offer a significant variety of business signs. Our signs will attract new clients to your Crown Point business, boosting your profits and making your business known!

Here are many of the freestanding business signs offered at Legacy Sign Group:

  • Monument Signs
  • Pedestal Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Pole Signs
  • Digital Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
monument signs in crown point

Of our broad selection, some of the most popular include monument signs and pylon signs.

What is a Monument Sign?

Typically, monument signs are standalone signs that sit at eye-level along the road. These are at the parking lot entrance and guide traffic to your location. You will see monument signs in Crown Point made of brick, stone, aluminum, wood, or another durable material. Additionally, you can have these signs illuminated, with scrolling messages, or with digital sign components. Monument signs are a great choice to bring in customers because they are highly customizable signs that can be tailored for any business signage need.

Monument signs in Crown Point offer the warmest welcome to visitors. With distinct company signage, customers can easily locate your business and have an introduction to what you can offer them. To bring in more clients and see an increase in profits, you need an elegant monument sign by Legacy Sign Group.

What is a Pylon Sign in Crown Point?

Like a monument sign, a pylon sign is also a standalone sign that has the support structure to hold itself up. These signs are often called “pole signs” as well because they are the business signs that sit atop very tall poles. Because they sit on top of large poles, pylon signs in Crown Point tend to tower over nearby buildings. This gives you the benefit of visibility, as people both near and far can see your business signage.

Pylon signs in Crown Point act as excellent wayfinding signs for people driving on nearby interstates and highways. When prospective clients are passing through the area, they can see your sign from a distance and come to you for services. These signs allow people to locate your business, both from nearby and from farther away. With attractive designs and sturdy construction, a pylon sign by Legacy Sign Group can drive traffic to your business.

Expand Your Crown Point Company with Exceptional Business Signage Solutions

Freestanding signs offer many benefits for your Crown Point business. Below are many of the reasons that investing in a pylon or monument sign will help your business.

  • Make Your Company Visible! When you are trying to grow your company, you need to stand out in the crowd. An exceptional business sign does just that! With distinguished designs, bright illumination, and notable digital sign elements, your business will outshine the competition. Make sure everyone knows who you are and where your business is with gorgeous pylon or monument signs in Crown Point, IN.
  • Drive in Local Traffic! With appealing pylon signs in Crown Point, you can grab the attention of anyone passing through the region. Our pole signs help you reach crowds both near and far, increasing your client base. In addition, monument signs are a welcome greeting to anyone nearby, attracting them to your business. You can even get digital signs that will appeal to a greater variety of people!
  • Reach Clients of All Demographics! A freestanding sign allows anyone in the area to read it. With targeted advertisements, you only reach a certain crowd. But with pylon or monument signs in Crown Point, your message can reach people from every demographic. With our exceptional business signage, you will bring in far more customers and see marked increases in revenue!

Contact Legacy Sign Group to Create Your Custom Business Sign Today!

When you are trying to advertise your business, freestanding signs are a great way to start! With a pylon sign or monument sign in Crown Point, you will reach greater audiences to make your company well-known. This will certainly help your business grow! Legacy Sign Group has the business signage solution that will fit the personality and goals of any Crown Point company.

Also, you never have to worry about the sign process when you work with Legacy Sign Group. We are the most reliable and trusted company to handle every step. Simply put, we will take care of every design, surveying, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance part of your new monument sign or pylon sign in Crown Point, Indiana. We are your full-service provider for all business signs throughout Crown Point and the rest of the region!

Reach out to Legacy Sign Group today to boost your profits with an attractive pylon or monument sign for your Crown Point, IN, business.

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