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Non-Illuminated Signs

non-illuminated signs

Non-Illuminated Signs

Non illuminated signs are characterized in having no built-in or accessory means of illumination. Such signs may have very similar construction to signs that do include a means of illumination and may be used in very similar areas of application. The term applies to many different sign types.

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Non-Illuminated Business Signage

Non-illuminated signs rely on something other than light to catch the attention of your audience. Instead of bright LEDs, non-illuminated signs use attractive designs and catchy images to draw in clients. With Legacy Sign Group, you will receive the most appealing designs and reliable fabrication that will bring your advertising needs to life!

Because non-illuminated signs are not a specific type of sign, many sign styles actually come either illuminated or not illuminated. In many cases, illumination is not necessary. For example, some businesses don’t need their sign to be lit when they are closed for the day. Or, some businesses rely on other light sources to provide illumination to their sign. Whichever is the case for your business, Legacy Sign Group has the non-illuminated business signage solution for you.

Some non-illuminated business signs may include projecting signsmonument signswall signs, or another type. If you need a sign for your business, we can make any dream into reality. Most of our signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, depending on your needs and preferences. And, we can make both indoor and outdoor signage. Whichever type of sign your business needs, Legacy Sign Group can provide the design work, planning, permitting, fabrication, and installation for you!

Contact Legacy Sign Group today for your business sign needs! We have several non-illuminated sign options for you and can meet any of your advertising signage desires. Make your business visible by contacting Legacy Sign Group today!