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Unique Wayfinding Signs in Indianapolis, Indiana

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons that clients do not return to a business is due to a lack of communication? It’s true! But with clear wayfinding signs in Indianapolis, you can communicate with your clients without being physically present to guide them through your facility. These directional signs act as a guiding light, instilling comfort and confidence in your visitors as they navigate your venue. Contact Legacy Sign Group today for the top-rated design, fabrication, and installation of your wayfinding signage in Indy!

What is a Wayfinding Sign?

Wayfinding signs are used to give directions throughout your location. In general, they use area names and arrows to guide visitors to their desired destination. These may be used to indicate an office, bathroom, meeting room, etc.

Because these directional signs come in many styles and forms, they can be uniquely tailored to your business. They may include your logo, company name, and individualized locations. In addition, wayfinding signs in Indianapolis can be fixed to the wall, attached to a pole, or suspended from the ceiling.

Throughout many venues, wayfinding signs in Indianapolis direct the way to:

  • Offices
  • Ticket counters
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeterias & restaurants
  • Emergency exit paths
  • Elevators & stairways
  • Shops
  • Parking areas

Whichever areas you need to point customers to, our directional signage will be there to help. These signs effectively promote your business while giving clients a sense of security and confidence. To learn how our directional signs can help your company, give Legacy Sign Group a call today!

What Indy Facilities Use Directional Signage?

From Circle Centre Mall to IU Health University Hospital, wayfinding signs can be found guiding the way through many facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana. Because they are highly customizable, directional signs can truly be used by any business in any location, including office suites, bus stations, event centers, and more. They can even be placed indoors AND outdoors, increasing the visibility of your business from every direction.

In Indianapolis, it’s hard to find a public location that does not use directional signs. Here are many of facilities that commonly utilize wayfinding signage in Indy:

  • Event venues
  • Shopping malls & retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Medical suites
  • Office complexes
  • Schools & colleges
  • Sports centers
  • Libraries
  • Government facilities
  • Airports & transportation centers
  • Housing developments

Throughout nearly every public facility, you can find wayfinding signs in Indianapolis. They guide customers, promoting confidence and encouraging repeat visits. Directional signs are popular for a reason – they promote sales, provide a marketing opportunity, and support your visitors! Call us today to begin designing your directional signage!

The Numerous Benefits of Top-Tier Wayfinding Signs in Indianapolis

When business owners in Indy are searching for signage solutions, there are many choices! From towering pylon signs that help customers find your business to vibrant electronic message centers that display any message proudly, there are endless possibilities. Each business sign has a unique purpose, and wayfinding signs are no exception. These directional signs improve the visitor experience while also promoting your brand and expanding your profit margin. Let’s explore the benefits of wayfinding signs in Indianapolis.

1. Improve Your Guests’ Experience

Visitors like to feel at home, even when they are exploring somewhere new. Because of this, clear directional signage boosts their sense of confidence and security while also decreasing frustrations. A wayfinding sign also helps your clients find their desired destination, ensuring they accomplish what they came to do.

2. Inspire Customers to Visit Again

With a sense of confidence, your customers are more likely to return to your business. Because they feel comfortable navigating your facility, they are encouraged to become a repeat client. They may even recommend your business to others.

3. Comply with Code Requirements

Clear signage is essential to meet code requirements. Public facilities are required by law to label specific areas, such as emergency exits. With wayfinding signs in Indy, you ensure the safety of your visitors while also meeting code obligations.

4. Expand Your Brand Recognition

Directional signage can include your logo, company name, color schemes, and other customizable features. This allows you to market for your company and improve brand recognition, which directly relates to higher sales. In addition, these signs make your company look more professional and reputable.

 5. Reach Greater Returns on Your Investment

Because you are improving your visitors’ experiences while also marketing for your business, you will see a quick return on your investment. Wayfinding signage truly guides your clients and increases your profit margin.

Improve your appearance and make your visitors feel right at home with exceptional wayfinding signs in Indianapolis, IN. You can direct your guests around your facility while also displaying your business proudly, leading to increases in your profits. Give Legacy Sign Group a call today to begin the design of your directional signage.

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Lead the Way with Customized Directional Signs in Indianapolis, IN

Every Indy business – from the smallest office complex to the largest event venue – needs proper directional signs to lead the way throughout your facility. These signs promote a sense of confidence in your visitors while ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for. This will encourage people to visit your business and increase your profits!

Additionally, directional signage is highly customizable. From unique color schemes and logos to specific location designations, our signs are tailored to your exact needs. We offer a variety of signage options, from projecting signs to illuminated signs. Whether you need to point to a ticket counter, office, conference room, or something else, a direction sign by Legacy Sign Group will guide the way.

Our team has many years of experience designing, building, and installing the highest quality business signage. With our wayfinding signs in Indianapolis, there’s only one direction your business will go: Up! Contact us today to begin designing your business signage with the experts at Legacy Sign Group. We look forward to navigating this business venture with you!

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