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Michigan City Halo Lit Signs

Bright Halo Lit Signs & Backlit Signs in Michigan City, IN

Outshine the rest with an illuminated reverse channel letter sign in Michigan City.

What is a Halo Lit Sign in Michigan City, Indiana?

Typically, halo lit signs (as known as reverse channel letter signs) use a dimension letter style to stand out from your wall. Then, vibrant LED lighting is installed behind the lettering or logo to make it pop. This lighting creates a halo effect around your signage, which is where the name “halo lit sign” comes from. Halo lit signs in Michigan City make your business stand out in the crowd.

Halo lit signs may also be referred to as:

  • Reverse channel letter signs
  • Halo lettering
  • LED backlit signage
  • Illuminated letter signs
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Michigan City backlit signs can be installed both inside and outside of your building. Inside, reverse channel letter signs create professional and captivating displays. Outside, halo lit signs demand the attention of anyone nearby and make your name visible and readable. Reverse channel letter signs are vibrant, bold, and ideal to establish an alluring sign for your Michigan City business.

How Will a Reverse Channel Letter Sign Benefit Your Business?

With a halo lit sign in Michigan City, there will be many benefits to your business. Backlit signs draw attention and increase your professional image, which boosts profits for your company. Below are many of the benefits of reverse channel letter signs in Michigan City:

  1. Extend Visibility: When you have backlit signage installed in Michigan City, customers will see your company both day and night. The dimensional lettering makes your sign easily read, while the LEDs make it visible anytime of day. People both near and far will see your business with illuminated letter signs in Michigan City.
  2. Appear Professional: Reverse channel letter signs make your company appear professional, established, and trustworthy for new clients. When people see your backlit signage, they will feel more comfortable with your business.
  3. Boost Profits: With increased visibility and a professional image, you will see an increase in profits for your company. As people are able to see your business, you will see an increase in traffic and sales. Halo lit signage will expand your profit margin.

Make your company visible with bright and identifiable reverse letter signs in Michigan City, Indiana! With elegant displays and skilled business sign installation, your halo lit sign will bring in customers and encourage them to buy.

Exceptional LED Backlit Signage Design & Installation by Legacy Sign Group

The Legacy Sign Group team is here to help you design your perfect backlit business sign. Using your company name, logo, or another design, we will use the highest quality materials to create the best halo lit sign for you. Once you are happy with your illuminated design, our team will build and install your backlit sign in Michigan City, IN.

With years of experience in the business signage industry, we are able to design, fabricate, and install your reverse channel letter sign with ease. Whether you would like a sign installed on your interior walls or at the tallest point of your exterior walls, we can handle it. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to get it done.

You Will Shine with a Halo Lit Sign in Michigan City, Indiana

Legacy Sign Group is here to help you outshine your competition! With gorgeous halo lit signs in Michigan City, we can extend your reach and boost your profits. Our team will work with you to create the best backlit sign design, then we will build and install it for you. Contact us now to begin your reverse channel letter sign design and installation so that your business stands out from the rest.

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