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High Rise Signs

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High Rise Signage

Tower above the competition with eye-catching high rise signs for your business. High rise signs, also known as skyscraper signs, are mounted to the upper section of your building. Here, they display your company proudly for anyone in the area to see. With vibrant illumination and extensive height, your business signage will attract customers and boost your presence. Let’s get started designing and installing your high rise signage today.

High Rise Signs; high rise signage in indianapolis; high rise signage in south bend

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Rise Above Your Competition

High rise signage can be highly customized to create stunning visuals for your corporation. While we work together to compose your new business signs, you can choose from a variety of styles and configurations. You can select dimensional lettering or illuminated lettering that best suits your tastes, and you can opt for a variety of colors and designs. Your new skyscraper sign can display your company name, logo, and more.

In addition to their distinct customizability, high rise signs offer many additional benefits. Using vibrant LED illumination, legible lettering, and distinct designs, your business will stand out from the rest. This allows you to draw in greater traffic, which leads to higher sales. With your company name atop the tallest buildings in the city, you will direct clients to your business and see an increase in profits.

Along with your new high rise sign, we also offer a variety of business sign solutions to build your presence and make visitors more comfortable. We craft uniquely designed wayfinding signage, wall signs, monument signs, electronic message centers, and more. This allows you to tailor your signage to your business and build a memorable presence in your area.

Let’s Design Your Skyscraper Signs Today

Are you ready to build your brand awareness and draw in a crowd? Legacy Sign Group will design, fabricate, and install your custom business signage. Don’t let your competitors tower over you. Instead, we will help your business reach new heights with engaging high rise signage. Call our team today to get started.