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Outshine your competition with dependable, elegant monument signs and pylon signs in Valpo.

Freestanding Signs for Valparaiso Businesses

When you need your business to be seen in Valparaiso, you have to start with the perfect business sign. Freestanding signs offer many benefits to local companies, from increasing brand recognition to boosting traffic. Whether you need to draw the attention of people passing by on US 30, US 49, Calumet Avenue, or another area of Valparaiso, we have the business signage solution you need!

Grab the attention of your prospective clients with a beautiful freestanding sign by Legacy Sign Group! Our freestanding business signs include:

  • Pylon signs
  • Pole signs
  • Digital signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pedestal signs
  • Wayfinding signs
monument signs in valparaiso

Among these designs, our most common business signs in Valpo include the monument sign and pylon sign.

Monument Signs Guide Your Clients

A monument sign is a standalone sign that generally sits along the roadway in front of your business. It is positioned at the entrypoint for your parking lot to guide visitors into your location. These outdoor signs provide the warmest of welcomes to your customers, inviting them to come in and return after they leave.

In addition, monument signs in Valpo are highly customizable signs. For instance, even the material used to craft the sign is unique to each business. Many of these signs are made of stone, brick, wood, aluminum, and other sturdy materials. Also, they can include illumination, as well as scrolling messages or digital sign components. However you decide to customize your monument sign, you can be certain it will attract recurring clients.

Pylon Signs Direct Traffic To Your Business

In comparison, pylon signs are also standalone signs that have their own support structure and attract customers. However, pylon signs (or pole signs) sit atop very large poles, allowing them to tower over nearby buildings and signs. As a result, a pole sign in Valparaiso allows potential buyers from near and far to see your business. This is an excellent way to draw in clients from the local Valparaiso highways.

Besides drawing attention, pylon signs also work well as wayfinding signs for people passing through the area. When you have a pole sign that towers over the nearby structures, people are able to locate your business. This means you will have more customers and see an increase in revenue! With an outstanding design and sturdy construction, pylon signs can greatly benefit your Valpo business.

Expand Your Reach with Exceptional Business Signage

When you invest in a monument or pylon sign in Valparaiso, you are making an investment that will better your business. There are extraordinary benefits to having a customized business sign, including:

  • Making Your Presence Known! There are many businesses in Valpo, so you need to stand out to make a name for yourself. With gorgeous designs, vibrant illumination, and customizable digital sign elements, your business can outshine the competition! To make your presence known in Valparaiso, you need a monument or pylon sign.
  • Increasing Traffic to Your Business! When you have a pole sign outside your business, you can draw in clients from near and far. This will help boost your business! In addition, monument signs create an inviting atmosphere that beckons to your visitors, asking them to both come in and come back. Also, digital sign elements allow you to increase traffic by reaching broader audiences!
  • Marketing to Diverse Demographics! Though many of the marketing tactics today use targeted ads, these only hit specific demographics. With a distinct pylon or monument sign, you can market to people of every demographic! This allows you to reach the greatest number of people, and it takes no effort after the sign is in place. Business signage truly helps your company grow.

Contact Legacy Sign Group Today to Build Your Perfect Business Sign!

Don’t let your competition outshine you in Valparaiso, Indiana! Freestanding signs are an excellent way to make sure your business is seen. With a distinct monument sign or pylon sign, you will expand your client base and increase your revenue. Legacy Sign Group has the unique, customized sign to meet the needs of every Valpo company.

Besides finding the perfect sign, you never have to worry about the process with Legacy Sign Group on your side. We have the professional team who is trained and ready to guide you every step of the way. Beginning with design work and planning, we have you covered. Then, we will handle all of the surveying, permitting, and fabrication. After that’s done, we can start the installation and provide any maintenance for the long lifespan of your distinguished business sign. We are a full-service business signage provider, and we will make sure your business has everything it needs to grow!

Contact Legacy Sign Group TODAY to get started building your exceptional pylon or monument sign in Valparaiso, IN.

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