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Practical Blade Signs in South Bend, Indiana

Bring in business with useful & attractive projecting signs in South Bend, IN.

What is a Blade Sign for a Business?

Blade signs (also known as projecting signs) are the business signage that can be found protruding from an exterior wall. They stand perpendicular to the wall, making the business name and logo clearly visible to foot traffic. This style of sign greatly increases visibility and makes it easy to find your location.

Indoors, projecting signs in South Bend can be used as wayfinding signs. They can use location names, arrows, and more to guide visitors to their desired destination. This removes any confusion and helps people navigate your facility.

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These signs are also versatile and tailor-made to meet the needs of your business. They can be made into unique shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and more. In addition, blade signs in South Bend can be built from various materials, use illumination, and be entirely unique to your company. All in all, these custom projecting signs are useful and appealing, pulling clients into your business.

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What Companies Use Projecting Signs in South Bend?

From lawyers to cafes, any business can benefit from a blade sign. Because they are generally used along sidewalks and can be made into any design, these signs work well for any business looking to attract new clients and draw in foot traffic.

Here are common places that you may see blade signs in South Bend:

  • Downtown shops & restaurants
  • Strip malls & shopping centers
  • Event centers & stadiums
  • Restaurants
  • Business suites & offices

This sign style stands out from the wall, making any company highly visible. They can be made in any shape, color, and design to perfectly suit your business. Then, they are mounted to the wall, creating a clear indication of your location. Truly, any place can benefit from a blade sign in South Bend. Call Legacy Sign Group today to discover what our signage solutions can do for you!

How Can Blade Signs in South Bend Help Your Business?

A projecting sign is unique from all other signs. It hangs perpendicular to the traffic, making your business clearly visible to anyone passing through. Because of this unique design, blade signs have many benefits. Take a look at some below:

1. Extend Visibility

By mounting these signs protruding from the wall, they become legible and easily seen by anyone in the area. People can see your business without looking away from their path of travel. This makes it more likely that people will see your business and stop in.

2. Bring in More Traffic

When more potential clients see your business, more people are likely to visit. This means you will see greater traffic to your business after you install blade signs in South Bend. More visitors means more sales!

3. Achieve Greater Profits

Because more people are coming to your location, more people will be making a purchase. This directly leads to an increase in your profit margin! These signs pull clients to your business and invite them to buy.

If you’re looking for a simple way to increase traffic and sales, then it’s time to call Legacy Sign Group for your custom projecting signs! We can uniquely curate a design that suits your business so that you can begin to see the benefits.

First-Rate Blade Signage Design & Installation

The Legacy Sign Group team is experienced and skilled in each and every step of the signage process. First, we will work with you to design the perfect sign for your company. Then, our builders will get to work. We use the highest quality materials to ensure your sign is durable and effective.

Once your sign is built, our team obtains all permitting as needed so that we can begin installation. We are specialized in the installation of any sign, from the highest skyscraper signs to the smallest vinyl decals. When you choose our team, you are guaranteed excellent craftsmanship and reliable services.

We make it our mission to deliver top-notch services to every client. From the design and building stages to the installation and future maintenance, you can count on us. Call Legacy Sign Group today for your professional blade signs in South Bend, Indiana.

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Are you ready to improve visibility and increase traffic to your business? Then, today’s the day to call Legacy Sign Group! We can design, build, install, and repair your projecting signs in South Bend. With our signs, your business will climb to the greatest heights. Contact us today for custom blade signs in South Bend, IN.

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