LED Signs vs. Neon Signs

LED Signs vs. Neon Signs

The most classic and effective method of getting the public’s attention is with signage. There is a reason why the police and big institutions use signage to grab the attention of the public. Humans are hard wired to being visual creatures. When it comes to signs, some still want that classic look of neon. Between Neon and LED’s, both do have some advantages as well as disadvantages, but choosing which one to have depends on your choice and business.

How neon and LED are used in signs

Neon has a very long history in the sign business…just ask Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_sign; it reminds people of old times, after all, Neon has a warmer look and more aesthetic exposure than LED. The best way to describe it is that neon has a more romantic and classical look to it.

LED lights and signs on the other hand are created using light emitting diodes otherwise known as LED which give more light. They have the classical bulb look with a fixed display.

LED advantages vs. Neon

Nowadays, LED have the advantage of being cheaper than neon, although the margin of price difference is not that far away from Neon. It is still an advantage to new business owners with a tight budget. LED’s are also more energy efficient since it uses up to 10 times less energy than neon.

LED lights can also be changed to whichever design you choose. You can always change the sign to whichever you like unlike neon lights that remain static. Something that is also more appealing about LED’s are their durability. Neon is very fragile and brittle and requires more maintenance.

Advantages of Neon and LED

We still connect with a lot of businesses that choose neon because they have a more flexible design approach. In addition to that, the colors are warmer, and the light is evenly distributed throughout the tubes, providing that classic glowing look.

Since neon come in a hand-crafted glass tube, they can be shaped into whatever design you want. This is why cities are full of neon lights.  Here is a list of four where neon still shines https://www.westjetmagazine.com/story/article/four-cities-where-neon-lights-up-night.  This gives you the flexibility to be artistic in your sign approach, something that LED lacks.

So, which one is better?

Well, we’ll leave that up to you, to decide. LED’s come with the advantages of being budget friendly, using less energy, less maintenance. In addition to that, LED’s now have shown to have a stronger light emittance than previous models.

Neon has that classic irreplaceable look that is warmer and can be more welcoming. It can be shaped and hand-crafted to a variety of designs. That is why neon can be better for those that want that custom and classic design.

If you would like to know more about how our knowledge of which lighting option would work better for your sign, contact us today.

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